Written Danish

This intensive course in Danish writing focuses on improving your written Danish in order to meet the requirements of the workplace. The course can be tailored to meet the needs of beginners as well as learners who can already write in Danish, but who still have to work on vocabulary or sentence structure to make sure the message gets through. Or you may simply want to expand your vocabulary or learn how to express yourself more formally.

When, where and how?

You prepare the written assignments at home and send them via e-mail to your instructor. Shortly after you will receive the corrections electronically. You will meet the instructor a few times during the course period to talk about the grammatical issues that you need to focus on, and you will get the opportunity to get more detailed explanations of the corrections.

The contents of the assignments will be tailored to your needs and language level, and we can correct e-mails, presentations and other written texts from your work for you if you wish.

For further information call or write to link2danish.