New in Denmark

Living and working abroad is a lifetime experience. When you come to Denmark, your work life and private life will benefit immensely from knowing about Danish culture and how to meet the Danes. Danish organisational culture can be very different from what you are used to. In order to avoid misunderstandings and frustrations, it is vital to gain insight into the culture and acquire tools to handle cultural meetings efficiently, both at your workplace and in your private life.

link2danish has many years of experience in organising and supporting cultural meetings in both professional and private contexts. We offer interactive courses in cultural awareness and Intercultural Communication.

By the end of course, you will have:

→ Tools to handle cultural meetings in work life and social life;
→ Insight in how our own culture influences our way of thinking and acting;
→ Knowledge and practice through exercises on Intercultural Communication;  
→ Knowledge of Danish culture and values seen from a modern and historical perspective.

It is equally important that your family settles in and have a fulfilling life in Denmark.

We can also include following topics in the course:

→ Life as a spouse and parent in Denmark;
→ Knowledge of health and education in Denmark;
→ Knowledge of how to get an active social life in your free time.

The courses are designed according to your needs based on initial consultations with participants and the company.

The courses are prepared and carried out by Tina Nielsen and Hanne Tornager, consultant in communication and cultural meetings.