Business Danish

If you fall short of words when you are negotiating in Danish, sitting together with colleagues in the canteen or speaking to customers on the phone this is the right Danish course for you. We will design the course around situations and written materials from your own work environment focused on your individual language needs.

In this course you will learn how to communicate in everyday real-life business contexts and we can also help you if you need a more specific work-related vocabulary.

When, where and how?

The course typically takes place at the company site in small groups, but can also be held one-to-one. link2danish offers flexible times suited to your needs.

This intensive business course will be tailored to the language requirements within your work environment and you practise your language skills actively throughout every lesson. Pronunciation and grammatical correctness are an integral part of the course.

The course is focused on your individual language needs and will be designed to maximise your language skills so that you can communicate more effectively at work. The instructor will set clear, realistic goals at the beginning of the course, and these will be evaluated with a final test.

For further information call or write to link2danish.