Danish pronunciation

Do you have difficulties pronouncing æ, ø, å or perhaps the soft d, or is it difficult to get the right rhythm in Danish? Then we can offer you an effective pronunciation course. You will be made aware of the aspects of your pronunciation you should focus on, and we will work intensively on your specific pronunciation issues.

There is a great difference between spoken and written Danish. With an intensive pronunciation course you will not only get a better pronunciation, but it will also be easier for you to understand others as you will gain insight into Danish pronunciation rules.

When, where and how?

The course is typically held one-to-one at the company site, but can also take place in small groups. link2danish offers flexible times suited to your requirements.

The course is focused on your individual pronunciation needs. At the beginning of the course your Danish pronunciation issues will be identified. Based on this the instructor will set clear, realistic goals which will be evaluated with a final test.

A clear and precise pronunciation is vital to make yourself understood, and link2danish actively follows new developments in the teaching of pronunciation.

For further information call or write to link2danish.