Danish language and culture

In order to feel at home and settle in at your workplace it is vital to get to know the culture and work culture of the country you live in. This course will give you an insight into the way Danes think and communicate. You will also learn about values and norms and get a better understanding of why Danes act and do as they do. Are they impolite? And why do they leave work so early?

The Danish language and culture course broadens your awareness of Danish culture and work culture with the help of recent literature and current articles which all reflect Danish culture and society in different ways. At the same time you improve your Danish language skills. You practise the language actively throughout every lesson, and there is continuous focus on pronunciation, vocabulary and grammatical correctness. The course is aimed at people who speak Danish at a more advanced level.

When, where and how?

The course typically takes place at the company site in small groups, but can also be held one-to-one. link2danish offers flexible times suited to your requirements.

Language and culture are combined in one course and the four linguistic competences speaking, writing, reading and understanding will be practised actively with the help of different texts and newspaper articles. Culture and language are closely connected, the culture is reflected in the language and the way we express ourselves. You will for example learn how to express interest, politeness and respect in Danish in order to learn how to interact in different contexts. Pronunciation and grammatical correctness are an integral part of the course.

This intensive course in Danish language and culture is focused on your individual language needs. You will have the opportunity to add your input, and the contents will be tailored to your requirements. The instructor will set clear, realistic goals at the beginning of the course which will be evaluated with a final test.

For further information call or write to link2danish.